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No Cause For Action - (Jury Clears Doctor in Malpractice Suit)

A Bloomfield Hill urologist has been cleared of any professional negligence in a lawsuit claiming he damaged a patient's manhood when he removed the man's testicles.

An Oakland County jury has unanimously exonerated the doctor of any wrongdoing against a 41-yer-old Macomb County man for removing his right testicle in 1995.

The jury agreed with the doctor's defense that the man already lost his left testicle in a 1983 injury, long before he sought the doctor's help. His claim was that the man repeatedly postponed treatment leading to the loss of both testicles.

According to testimony, the man received an injury known as a testicular torsion in 1995, but did not get himself examined within 12 hours, waiting until he returned home from vacation.

During his ER treatment, a radiologist took an ultrasound of the man's testicles. It was incorrectly interpreted that he had two testicles where there was only one. Actually his other testicle had been injured and lost 12 years earlier. However, it was not until elective surgery in 1995, that the defendant doctor learned the man did not have both of his testicles.



Pathology Photograph

Recreation: Ultrasound test result incorrectly shows two testicles where there was only one.