For Discovery, Mediation, ARA, Settlment, & Trial

Electronic Imaging: For Discovery, Mediation, ADR, Settlement, & Trial

Until very recently, the stenography machine was the most technically advanced piece of equipment used regularly in state and federal courts. More than 64 years have passed since steno machine notes were first used in the Charles Lindbergh/Bruno Hauptmann murder case...the first "trial of the century."

If the legendary Clarence Darrow were practicing law today, he would be carrying a laptop computer from Deposition to Courtroom. Darrow's exceptional oratory skills and the electronic information at his fingertips would make an unbeatable communications combination.

Visually delivered information is six to eight times more effective than just oral argument. Studies have long shown that remembering and understanding testimony is the key to inevitability.

Today's legal communications has to be fast, efficient and powerful. Clients, opposing attorneys, judges and jurors require presentations that maintain interest, support oral arguments, and explain complex ideas. Fewer cases are going all the way to trial. The pressure to make your case early and swiftly during mediation and ADR is not going to go away.

Therefore, computers are no longer an option for Trial Lawyers.

The fusion of computers and multi-media technology means the "electronic courtroom"starts during discovery. The way cases are prepared and tried will never be the same again.

Computers have had a 25-year record of successfully tracking, compiling and presenting data. But, there is a significant difference between data and useful information. By itself, the number 8917211 has no meaning. If used in a phrase like: our phone number is 891-7211, or your verdict is $8, 917, 211 that number takes on a new meaning. Data presented within this context is useful information.

V.E.C. gives Trial Lawyers many electronic tools for communicating information:

Electronic Evidence: consultation to help incorporate the full or partial use of Electronic Imaging in your case
Document Imaging: capturing text, audio and video by having VEC electronically scan them into a Data base on individual CD-ROM discs. One of our CD-ROMS holds up to 20-thousand pages or images for instant retrieval during discovery, depositions, or at trial
Creating Exhibits: case theme consultation, visual evidence evaluation, development and preparation of computer-designed exhibits for use in discovery, depositions, mediation, settlement and at trial
Litigation Software: use our Presentation Software to call up electronically-imaged documents, and demonstrative evidence exhibits with bar codes during depositions, mediation, ADR, settlement and at trial. You can access your data from either your laptop computer or via phone lines. Cold storage of your archived electronic documents is also available. Court Reporter Deposition Text can be positioned side-by-side with video deposition testimony from a VEC-prepared CD-ROM.
Live Presentations: draw or point on a computer image, video tape, or a live video camera for color highlighting and drawing attention to important details. VEC also provides small color video cameras to electronically display x-rays, photos, 35mm slides, 3-D physical evidence on TV monitors or big video projector screens.
Multi-Media Computer
Consultation, Sales
And Service:
rely on VEC to provide you with multi-media laptop computer sales, on-site support, transportation, equipment set-up and training.
Jury Research: test your exhibits or arguments with mock jurors using interactive hand-held devices and our Moment-by Moment tm interactive computer.