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The Visual Evidence Center Inc.
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The Visual Evidence Center Inc

The Visual Evidence Center
helps you tell your side of the Litigation story.

Our 30 trial consultants, litigation artists, animators, model makers, videographers, jury researchers have created successfully admitted visual evidence exhibits for more than twelve years in both civil and criminal cases.
Their broad experience includes: commercial litigation, wrongful discharge, sexual harassment, financial institutions, lender liability, personal injury, products liability, wrongful death, negligence, medical malpractice, construction defects, workplace safety, environmental contamination, aviation/marine/vehicle accidents and cases involving fires, explosions, shootings and police misconduct.
 Our Quick Response Team is available 24 hours a day for taking still photos, videotaping, and drawing scene diagrams on-site. Our Evidence Technicians record your scene before visual evidence changes or disappears. They also tape witness depositions, and record investigations, observations and experiments by your expert.
 Our Exhibit Specialists analyze your visual evidence needs. They offer a wide range of affordable options which fits the theme, arguments and proofs in your case, as well as, your personal trial style, available budget, and first-use date.
Our Electronic Imaging Group offers the best exhibit presentation solutions, multi-media software support, and audiovisual equipment rentals for use during discovery, depositions, mediation, ADR, settlement, and at trial.

Invest in a winning combination:
You, Your Case plus the Visual Evidence Center.

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