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Successful Cases Examined:
Police Negligence

An alert Neighborhood Watch 911 caller in Detroit reported: burglars are running past his home carrying a TV set stolen from the house next door. Police respond grabbing 4 suspects and recover the loot. Officers take their suspects back to the scene of the crime. At the home of the 911 caller, they attempt a face-to-face ID of the suspects. However, the complainant was working and not at home. Later that day, all four suspects are released by police and not charged. Later that night, those same suspects are observed by the complainant's family torching their home with a firebomb.

Opening Argument/Case Theme Defined : Is It Safe?

What(should have)happened : (arrest, lineup at Police Station)

What(did)happen : attempted/unsuccessful face-to face-ID at crime scene, suspects released, complainant's house firebombed

Document Enlargement, Color Highlighting Police "General Procedures": Face-to-Face Suspect IDs

Time Line : shows police requested and received complainant's address over their patrol car's computer terminal

Scene Diagram : gives "jury view" of neighborhood crime scene and nearby police station

Contradictions Board :Both Officers' sworn statements are cross-examined

Damages Board : JURY VERDICT 4.5 million Dollars

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